/ˈsnɪftə/ (say 'sniftuh)

1. balloon glass.
2. Colloquial a small drink of an alcoholic beverage.
{British dialect snifter to sniff, from Middle English snifteren to sniff, from the notion that the glass is so designed that it is warmed by the hands, producing fumes that are sniffed; def. 2 US English (1840s). Compare snort (def. 8)
/ˈsnɪftə/ (say 'sniftuh) Colloquial

1. anything or anyone seen as powerful or important.
2. Boxing a well-delivered punch.
3. excellent; very fine.
{Scottish and northern dialect snifter a strong breeze}
/ˈsnɪftə/ (say 'sniftuh)

noun Colloquial
1. a cocaine user
2. a measure of cocaine, sufficient for one inhalation.
{snif(f) + -ter play on snifter1}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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